Sunday, February 3, 2008

You won't even believe it

I actually have 2 projects on needles. Well at least I did. I am still working on the Binary for Craig. My step daughter had her birthday last week and I will be seeing in in a couple weeks and decided to make her a Koolhaas. I cast it on a few days ago and since my mother ruined the SuperBowl for me by telling me who won I decided to knit while the guys watched it. I was almost done with the first repeat when I realized that at some point I actually somehow reversed the pattern. Like any good knitter I tried to carefully pull it out one stitch at a time till I got to the place where I made the mistake. You know what happened. Everything went wrong. The stitches started going wherever they wanted to and I had to frog it. Just as I was getting a good rhythm with it too. Since I will see her soon I need to cast it back on and try again. Yay me! I am pretty upsert about it actually. But I think that it is compounded with the fact that my SuperBowl experience was shot to hell.

So I guess I am not just a one project knitter any more


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