Sunday, October 28, 2007

So why the name you ask?

First let us start off with some pictures...
Isn't this cute? How about this

Good right?...

And then there is this...

So besides the adorable children used in these photgraphs what do they have in common?? Not one of the items shown in the pictures are for me. I make things for my children, my parents, my aunts, my friends and pretty much anyone else who asks. Now don't get me wrong the idea of knitting something for myself sounds very appealing I just never get around to it. I have scads of patterns and yarn for myself. I just never seem to get around to them. Something, or I should say someone inevitably asks me for something. A shawl, a hat, some fingerless gloves and I can't seem to resist. I keep thinking I will get to the corset or the socks I have been looking at soon enough. I have learned that soon enough never comes. So one day I was sitting around with the ladies at my local Stitch N Bitch and I was ooohing and aaahing over A Lady E shawl that a fellow SNB'er had finished when it hit me. I am a Knitting Martyr. Always for other people never for me.

Although after seeing that Lady E maybe soon enough will come after all.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I think introductions are in order

My name is Heather and I am a knitter. There I said it and boy did it feel good.

Like most of the knitters I know my obsession with fiber came on quite suddenly. A few years back a friend of mine and I decided to swap crafting techniques. She would teach me to knit and I in turn would teach her to crochet. I apparently am a better teacher than I am a student. Because after hours of dropped stitches, added stitches and a lot of cussing, I threw the needles, ball of yarn, and some of the hair that had been pulled out of my head during a screaming fit against the wall proclaiming I would never knit again.

Never came a lot sooner than I thought it would. While my best friend was pregnant with her 4th child she called me to say she had gone into labor and would I come be with her. She had decided to have a home birth and well I know all too well how long labor can last, so I decided to bring something to make the time go faster. I had been watching Knitty Gritty and for a while and was feeling envious of all of the talent that paraded across my screen. I decided to give knit another chance. I bought some needles and some yarn and took with me the pattern for Better Sweater and headed to my friends house. After 3 days of near constant knitting and no baby I came home with a sweater for my oldest daughter.

You can see how happy she is to have it. Without her right there to compare to I could not size it right. But I was proud none the less. And since I finished my first real project I felt like a knitter a REAL knitter. I wanted to knit more and more things. And so my story begins....