Monday, July 7, 2008

I have VANQUISHED!!!!!

Well I know I have not updated in almost 2 months. Bad blogger no yarn. I have finally finished that damn hat!!! I took me nearly 5 months and 4 froggings but I was not going to let it beat me and I didn't, I beat that hat like a egg waiting to be an omelet. It felt soo good I had to dance around naked with the hat on my head. I was going to post pictures of that eventful moment but decided that since I don't write horror stories that may be wrong. Instead I give you just a plain picture of my finished project that I have dubbed "Hell hath no hat"


Friday, May 16, 2008

So far so good

Well I know I have been away for a happens. My mother and father renews their vows and I was in charge of most of the wedding preparations. I made her dress, constructed the ceremony and after the 2 weeks she spent with my family I was tired. I did not have a lot of knitting time while she was here. But I am now back at it.

I actually have almost finished the Koolhaas hat. Amazingly enough it has righted itself, and aside from a smallish area looks perfect. I figure I will just say it is a design element. LOL

I am very happy that I decided to just push through and do it. I refuse to be a quitter.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Well it happened

Last Sunday I died..ahem I mean I dyed. I went over to a friends house and she taught me the ins and outs of hand dyeing yarn. It was so much fun and my yard came out so to follow.

I used Kool-Aid to dye my yarn and I know that there are a few people who do not think that is really dyeing but I don't care I had so much fun and like I said it came out great.

As an aside, I have learned how to spin (yes I went to the darkside) and I LOVE IT. I am thinking of getting a wheel.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Keep on Truckin...

Sorry for not updating in a bit. My back and hip have gone out and I have not done much knitting. I am sure it is to no ones surprise that I am still working on Koolhaas although I have renamed it "Hat that won't look right but I don't care" I am going to wear it anyway with pride once it is done.

Once I finally finish it I will post pics for all to see

Saturday, February 9, 2008

So it continues

I recast on Koolhaas after a day or so of cooling off from our previous encounter. It is going well but somehow I thing I messed it up again. I have decided though this time that if I have oh well I will just say it is a design element. LOL

In other news my nine year old daughter has taken up knitting. She is knitting a scarf for her daddy. I am very proud of her and plan on posting pictures of her and her progress.

Oh yes and before I forget a fellow knitter and friend of mine has taught me how to spin my own yarn. Though I don't think I will become obsessed with it I really do enjoy doing it and plan on keeping it up. In fact another knitter has offered to teach me how to dye my own yarn. I guess I need to put in a order to knit picks again soon.

Always Knitting (and now not alone)


Sunday, February 3, 2008

You won't even believe it

I actually have 2 projects on needles. Well at least I did. I am still working on the Binary for Craig. My step daughter had her birthday last week and I will be seeing in in a couple weeks and decided to make her a Koolhaas. I cast it on a few days ago and since my mother ruined the SuperBowl for me by telling me who won I decided to knit while the guys watched it. I was almost done with the first repeat when I realized that at some point I actually somehow reversed the pattern. Like any good knitter I tried to carefully pull it out one stitch at a time till I got to the place where I made the mistake. You know what happened. Everything went wrong. The stitches started going wherever they wanted to and I had to frog it. Just as I was getting a good rhythm with it too. Since I will see her soon I need to cast it back on and try again. Yay me! I am pretty upsert about it actually. But I think that it is compounded with the fact that my SuperBowl experience was shot to hell.

So I guess I am not just a one project knitter any more


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Jealousy Run Ammok

I am a multi-tasker by nature. I can manage at least 5 different things at once. When it comes to knitting however, I become a giant Uni-tasker. I here my fellow knitters talk about the myriad of projects the currently have on their needles. There I sit listening intently knitting the only project I have on the needles and turning green. When I reveal that I am a one project knitter I am met with quite a few how do you do thats, and even more don't you get boreds. Truth is I think I like the sense of accomplishment that comes with binding off that last stitch. I start to crave it from the moment I cast something on. As the project grows so does my craving for the end. I become almost manic when I find I am within a few rows of my bliss..the end of the project. I am always eager to finish so I can start the next item I want to make. In part I think that having only one WIP gives me the incentive to finish that project. I think that if I were to have more than one thing at a time I would not feel compelled to finish anything. Who knows how much longer it would take to get things done if that were the case. Yet I am still green with envy at those who can and do have many WIP's. Every week I see a rotation of garments, shawls, bags, blankets and the like. Still I sit there with my one project. I know eventually I will join the ranks of knitters with multiple WIP's and I only have one thing to say about that...

Heaven help us, after that nothing will ever get done

Always Knitting...One thing at a time